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Dear Sirs

All issues related to our products please report at


Worth to check…


Before you call the service, please::

  • read the attached instruction manual,
  • watch the instructional video below,
  • check that the central heating system is completely filled with water and well vented,
  • check if the wired bridge of the room thermoregulator is closed
  • scheck the fuses on the power supply and whether they are powered (a failure of the main protection is possible),
  • check the electronic system fuse on the boiler,
  • check the deaeration of the circulation pump,
  • open the thermostatic or ball valves on the radiators (the temperature of the setting on the radiator valve in the room with the room thermoregulator must be higher than the temperature of the thermoregulator - it is recommended to open the thermostatic head to the maximum temperature),
  • check the filter blockage,
  • ensure adequate pressure in the closed central heating system (at least 1.5 bar with cold water),
  • check if the temperature limiter on the boiler body (user manual) is not pressed in.

Electric heating boilers advanced LCD series

Electric heating boilers basic LED series